Free Education is Just a Pipe Dream

Moving to Texas for college has been one of the best ideas that I’ve ever had! That’s saying quite a bit considering most of my ideas are a bust. I found out that Texas has some of the cheapest energy providers in the nation: just click for info on how you can get cheap Texas energy! A good friend of mine is the one who suggested I should take a closer look at what Texas would have to offer for a potential student like myself. After discovering that I would be saving over $1,000 a month in living expenses I was practically out the door right then and there!

It’s admittedly something of a bummer that I’m forced into a situation where I have to choose between the quality of my education and the living expenses that I’ll be investing in while attending. In the United States it is apparently nearly impossible to have both a cheap living arrangement near a respected university, leaving many students like myself out on a limb as we try to find some balance between the two. Despite this, Texas State is one of the better schools in the nation with a program that suits exactly what I want to study.

Now that I’m going to be able to save the extra money a month I’ll even be able to pay off my student debt that much quicker. I’m going to pay for most of my books (if necessary) out of the money that I’m saving on rent and electricity while hopefully being able to put up for a class or two as well. I want to be able to leave college with as little debt as possible. It’d sure be wonderful if we lived in a progressive nation that believed in free education for the citizens.

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