I’ll Start Watching Movies Online

I can’t stand going to the movies. I always have to deal with high ticket prices, high food prices, and noisy audiences. It seems like the ticket prices go up every year, and there’s nothing the consumer gets in return for these increased prices. The same thing goes for the food. The food doesn’t get any better when the prices go up. Someone always brings a noisy child to the theater or someone always talks and ruins the movie. I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to free movies online from now on and skip the theater.

I hear there are a number of places to watch movies online. Of course I won’t be going to any websites that allow you to watch movies illegally. Many of the sites that I’ve seen have a subscription service, similar to what cable and satellite companies offer. You pay a monthly fee to have access to all of the movies in their catalogue. For the price of one movie, I can have access to thousands of movies online. That’s a much better deal than what I’ve been paying before. I could also watch the movies at my leisure. If I want to watch a movie one day and then I have to leave my home for whatever reason, I can pause the movie and watch it again anytime I want. If I wanted to, I could even watch it from my phone.

I’m going to subscribe to one of the online movie services as soon as possible. As cheap as the prices are, I may even sign up for two of the services. The more movies I can watch for a low price, the better. I’ll need to buy a big batch of popcorn for all of the movie watching I intend to do in the next few days.

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