Nothing hypnosis can’t cure?

Nothing hypnosis can’t cure?

Nothing hypnosis can’t cure?

Hypnosis is great for curing/treating/solving many “human problems” like losing weight, gaining confidence, getting health back and etc.

There is not a thing that hypnosis has not tried to cure before. Since most human problems resolved around the mind and hypnosis can talk to the mind on your behalf!


Today, I want to talk about motion sickness.

Since young, I have been getting motion sickness whenever I travel on moving objects. I never fail to vomit on cars and ships. This is something that personally concern me.

We get Motion sickness when our balancing mechanism in our ear break down.  The ear and the ear cannot coordinate on the same signal and our brain starts malfunctioning.


So how can hypnosis help to cure motion sickness?

So we know the problem is with the misalignment of the ear and the eye, we can deal with it.

We have to use hypnosis to make both of them sing the same song. Make them interpret the correct information when in a moving object.

This is where hypnotic suggestions or trances basically turning down our conscious mind so the suggestion can go direct to the subconscious mind.


Conscious Mind must keep quiet

In order for effective communication to occur, the conscious mind must shut up and pass the earphone to the subsconscious mind. Subconscious plays a big part in maintaining our entire body mechanisms.

There are tens of thousands of automatic operations in our body and subsconcious is like the foreman instructing all the various body parts to sync together.

A good hypnotherapist  can talk directly to a subsconcious mind without us sleeping or closing our eyes. It is that scary.

Besides motion sickness, hypnosis can also help with many other areas of our life like quitting smoking, losing weight or even getting a date ! So do you have any problems that you wish will go away or improve?

You can start from downloading Self Hypnosis Downloads to improve your life.

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