Secret Space Are we at war?

Secret Space Are we at war?

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This video was put together using some of the best footage I could find available of current technology used by the military and of recent anomalous objects and events caught on film. To present an hypothetical scenario that may have a certain reality to it. Is there a secret space programme? if so, what is it for? why do we need one? Why are we weaponising space, for what purpose, and against whom? Are we involved in a covert war with an off-world civilisation?

There is plenty of documented evidence to suggest that a secret space programme exists and that the militaries of the world have engaged and sometimes brought down craft of unknown origin. Also that they themselves have suffered losses. Then we have Gary Mckinnon, still waiting to learn his fate 10 years after he stumbled upon Fleet to Fleet transfers and lists of ‘Off-World’ officers. Whilst looking for information on ufos on pentagon computers. Did he find evidence of a secret space programme?

Numerous researches have covered the subject, most notably Richard C Hoagland, Richard Dolan, Timothy Good, Jim Marrs, and Peter Lavenda to name a few.

Please check the researchers listed out, also listen to the Secret space programme conference recently held in Amsterdam 3 April 2011 at:…

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