Started Building the Lake House

I spent this morning talking to the different Texas energy providers who are available to hook up the power at the lot. Of course the house is not there, so they are not going to be able to hook the power up to the house itself. That is not the only thing you need power for. Of course I could use a generator to power the tools that I need to build the house, but that would be rather expensive. Gas costs you three bucks a gallon and a tank full of gas in a generator is going to get burned out at around a gallon an hour, depending on the amount of load you are using. You obviously waste a lot of it because you are burning energy even when you are not using the power that the generator is creating.

At any rate I will get Ambit Energy to hook up the power as soon as they can manage to schedule it. They did not seem to want to give me a firm date and time when that would be, instead they told me they would call me back when it was done. I already had the foundation put in. Me and these three kids from the neighborhood did the digging. All three of them are eager to get the money for their first car and so they have been helping me out with the work needed to get the lot ready to work. I let them take turns driving the truck the last little bit of the way up there, once you get to the part where they are not likely to hit much aside from trees and deer. It is not like that old truck is much to worry about after it has been around as long as it has.

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