Started Looking at New Places in Houston

Obviously Houston is a very big place and I am looking at places in the Southwest part of it. That is where I am working right now and my current place of residence is not convenient at all for me. I have a good bit of money saved up and I am thinking about whether or not I can afford to buy a small home. We are going to look at the total cost of the move and try to figure out what it will cost us to live in the specific place. This page for example helps you get a good idea of what it costs you to pay for your electric rates in a specific area. Obviously we get to choose between about three or four power companies in this area, but there is not a huge difference from one to the other. We are trying to figure out exactly how much it is going to cost us from the start of the process straight to the bottom line.

At any rate we are looking at this one place. There are quite a few problems with it, the big one is that it is not in the best area of the city. That has a huge impact on the value of the place and we are only looking at this place because we believe that we can probably fix it up after we get a really good deal on the place. The logic of it would go like this. We would have to pick the place up at a fire sale type of price and then we start to work on fixing it up and we hope that the rest of the area starts to improve. Other people are buying houses in this area and fixing them up it seems.

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